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Redeem your purchases in donations with Centraide


Welcome to Amikash.ca, the first online cash back shopping website in Quebec that allows you to take advantage of promotions and cash back on more than 130 online shops.

Centraide and Amikash associate to give an opportunity to be part of this great mutual aid movement. Support your community by transforming your cashback. It's more than easy and you make a difference.


Select your merchant at


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by redeem your cashback in donation

About centraide

Québec’s Centraide

The strength of a network,

the effectiveness of local action

Over 1.3 million* Quebeckers experience the effects of poverty and social exclusion on a daily basis. Women, men, children, youth and families in difficulty rely on the invaluable assistance of 1,800 agencies and projects supported by Quebec’s 18 Centraide to overcome their hardship.

Because together, we are possibility, we are community. To learn more about the Centraide movement in Québec, visit wearecommunity.ca.

Centraide and Amikash associate to give you an opportunity to be part of this great mutual aid movement. Support your community by transforming your cashback, in whole or in part, in a donation to Centraide **. It's easy and you make a real difference.

A receipt will be sent for any donation of $20 or more.

* Number of people living below the low-income cutoff before tax.
**18 Centraide share the Québec territory. Donations will be directed to the participant Centraide, according to the postal code attached to the donator’s account. Without an agreement with one of the 18 Québec’s Centraide on its participation in the Amikash/Centraide association, donations will be directed to Centraide Laurentides, promoter of the offer. The Centraide receiving a donation will be responsible for transmitting the receipt.

With the exception of this page (about the Amikah / Centraide offer), Centraide is not responsible for the content published by Amikash on this website or any agreements developed by Groupe Amik with companies or businesses on this site.
Centraide is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information.