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What is Amikash?

Amikash is a web platform gathering hundreds of partner stores. Amikash gives you cashback when shopping on their online shops. No need to change your buying habits, simply log on to Amikash and shop.

Is Amikash free?

Yes, Amikash is a free and safe web platform without any subscription fee.

How much money is it possible to earn with Amikash?

Cashback can vary from 1 to 35% of the total purchase amount (excluding taxes, shipping, insurance, discount coupons, etc.) or can be calculated as a fixed amount established by the merchant.

How is the cashback paid?

Cashback is paid by cheque, mailed to the address provided by the member upon registration, when the member accumulates more than 50$ cashback.

How to use Amikash?
  1. Shop. Log in and shop on Amikash and get your purchases tracked when clicking on favorite retailers.
  2. Buy from favorites stores as usual. Purchase from hundreds of partner online shops.
  3. Earn cashback. Get up to 35% cashback and receive a cheque every 50$ of cashback accumulated
How does Amikash work?

Revenues come from commissions paid by partner merchants in appreciation when Amikash members buy on their websites. Amikash then shares those commissions with its members and keeps a percentage, usually 1 to 2% according to the commission, to cover its operating expenses. The money is sent by cheque and mailed to members. It's that simple!

Are the products displayed on Amikash offered at the same prices as on the official merchants' websites ?

Yes, the prices offered by the merchants on Amikash are neither different nor inflated to those offered on their own website. By logging in to Amikash, the member sees the same prices as well as earning casback.

Is it possible to use a tablet or mobile to purchases via Amikash?

Yes, it is possible to buy on Amikash from a computer, tablet or mobile. The only action required is to log in to Amikash before purchasing on partner stops.

Is Amikash safe?

Yes, it is important for Amikash to keep its members' trust, and that is why the team is committed to respect the confidentiality of personal data of its members.

Is it possible to register to Amikash if the user resides outside of Canada?

No, as cashback is paid by cheque and sent to a valid canadian mailing address.

Are there any softwares or settings that may prevent me from receiving cashback from Amikash?
  1. Security softwares, such as Kaspersky or other, can block the cookies used by Amikash to claim the cashback to their affiliated merchants, based on their members' orders.

    Cookies are pieces of information used by most e-commerce websites, and these files are stored on the hard drive to enable the browser to track purchases and user actions.

    If you use this type of software, you must ensure that it is configured to enable cookies from Amikash as well as those of partner sites. If you use a software firewall such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security or another, you must disable the parameter "Ad Blocking."

  2. Some commercial toolbars can redirect the purchase credit to another website, preventing you from earning Amikash's cashback . If such toolbars are installed in your browser, make sure they are not related to other business rewards or coupon sites.
  3. Some browsers do not enable cookies. Amikash strongly recommends the use of these following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Due to the high number of third-party browsers, Amikash can not verify and validate, apart from those mentioned, that they all work well with its site.
  4. Using the "Private browsing" setting in a browser can, at any time during the purchase process, disqualify your purchase from the "cashback" related.
  5. Some spyware programs or advertising softwares such as "Adware" can link your purchases to another website and then invalidate your cashback entitled from Amikash. You can download different programs for free online protection to detect and remove those spyware softwares .